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Fine Art Handling Solutions for your organisation

Professional expertise in fine art handling

It is important to engage a professional fine art moving specialist to make sure that your collection of fine art pieces has a damage-free transition to your new office premise. At Masterpiece, we have the professional expertise and immense experience in the delicate handling of our customers’ fine art pieces. Enjoy a peace of mind when you engage Masterpiece as your office moving specialist knowing that your art collection is well taken care of.

Delicate handling of your fine art collection

At Masterpiece, we know that the different surfaces of fine art pieces require different types of packing materials to protect their journey to your destination. We take extra care to ensure that the packing materials do not leave any stain or remnants on your precious fine art collection. We only use museum-quality packing materials to protect your valuable collection, providing our customers extra assurance.

Customised packing & crating solutions

Masterpiece can provide customised packing and crating solutions for you. On many occasions, normal crates are not strong or durable enough to hold high value fine art pieces. Masterpiece will provide and construct special customised crates to house your collection of fine art pieces, which would be able to absorb any possible shock for its transit to your new office premise. This is to ensure that your precious art collection arrives safely and is ready for display.

Need to protect your fine art collection for office moves?

Masterpiece has the professional expertise and experience to help you.

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