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Some tips for you to plan your move

Plan, Plan, Plan Ahead!

We recommend that as much as possible, do plan ahead if you are looking at moving to a new place. Establish your move-out date as soon as you can and write down a list of things that you have to take care of (for example, cancel mobile plans and close bank accounts).

Contact a moving company

Once you have an idea of when is your move-out date, do contact a moving company for them to conduct a pre-move survey. You can call Masterpiece at +65 6636 0330 for a complimentary survey and get a good gauge of your shipment volume and costs.

Special attention to your items?

Please remember to highlight to the surveyor on what items require special items (e.g. expensive fine art pieces which require crating or a baby grand piano that must be moved to your new home) - this helps us to ensure these important items are given extra attention.

Love your motorcycles?

Don't worry, moving to a new city or country doesn't mean you have to leave your precious motorbikes behind. You can engage Masterpiece who has decades of experience in handling motorcycle shipments with international moving, and we will guide you through the process. Tada!

Plan ahead what to handcarry

At least 1 week before the moving company you engage arrives at your home to start packing, it is good for you to start planning and setting aside which items you wish to hand carry, to minimise any panicking.

Set aside a few days for cleaning

Before the moving out commences, set aside a few days for disposal of unwanted furniture (if applicable). After moving out, plan for a few days to clean the entire apartment.

Never put your valuables in your shipment

Like all moving companies, we are not allowed to pack any valuables for our customers into their shipment. This is to avoid any unneccessary loss or damage of your valuables during the transition to your destination. Please highlight to your mover if you insist to do so.

Have air shipment allowance?

If you're moving overseas for an international assignment, check with your HR colleague if you have any air shipment allowance. This means that you can decide and send those items you require more urgently via air shipment and receive them first.

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