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International Moving Services for you and your family

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Having an upcoming international move to a new destination can be challenging and stressful. With our customer-focused approach and professional expertise, Masterpiece is dedicated to providing a comprehensive international door-to-door moving service for you.

We take on a comprehensive consultative role for you, guiding you through the procedures of your international move, providing you useful advice to making your transition easy and fuss-free. Masterpiece is committed to making your move happy and stress-free, without giving our customers any nasty shock of  last-minute fees. 

Our services

♦ A complimentary pre-move survey to determine your shipment volume for a door-to-door international move to your destination

♦ A comprehensive walk-through on what to expect for your international move with any exclusions made known to you

♦ A detailed timeline proposal for the shipment of your household goods and effect from your location of origin to the receipt of your shipment at your destination, for you to have an effective and happy move

♦ A dedicated moving specialist to guide you through the respective import or export procedures for the move, provide assistance with the required customs documents and the complex custom formalities for your destination country

♦ Assistance to receive marine all-risk insurance coverage for your shipment for a peace of mind

♦ Pro-active update on the status of your shipment from your dedicated moving specialist

Professional & experienced movers

Having established ourselves in the international moving industry with more than 30 years of veteran experience, Masterpiece understands the importance of having a reliable and responsible international mover for our customers, to prevent any unnecessary agony or stress. 

Our carefully selected teams of movers who take meticulous care in packing your household goods and personal effects have been entrusted to taking care of our customers for years, and they have shown their professionalism and capabilities in making “every move, our masterpiece”. 

To Masterpiece, moving is not just about moving our  customers’ shipment to their destination as soon as possible, without any consideration to the careful handling of the shipment or being sensitive to our customers’ concerns about the move. Moving is an art – we always make sure that we use suitable and museum-approved quality packing materials to take care of your items, just like how we want ours to be taken care of.

Just let our team of movers know what you need to bring, without you having to lift your finger or strain your backs to pack your shipment. Our customers enjoy a peace of mind when they engage Masterpiece as their international mover.

Global connectivity, to your doorstep

Masterpiece has a strong and reliable network of international partners around the world, and we can connect you to whereever you need to move to. We will be your single point of contact, and we will take care of all the liaising and co-ordinating required to make your transition smooth. 

With Masterpiece as your single point of contact, we are accountable and responsible in ensuring that your household goods and personal effects arrive at your destination with you in good hands. This eliminates any confusion for you on who to contact for your shipment matters, and we will report to you directly on all matters. You can relax and leave the tedious and frustrating administrative and logistical part of your move to us. 

At your destination, we will arrange for the unpacking of your shipment according to your requirements, and you only have to focus on adapting and settling well to your new environment. 

International Moving, customised to your needs

Overseas Studies


Job Transfer

Joining Family Overseas

Overseas studies, retirement, overseas job transfer, joining your family overseas, looking for employment abroad or repatriation to your home country…

These may be just some of the reasons why you are looking at moving overseas, and it is important that you enlist the help of a professional and reliable service provider to help make your transition stress-free and happy. Let Masterpiece be your international moving partner and have a peace of mind that you will have a smooth international move to your destination.

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